Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Tall Dark and Hairy' by C.L. Bledsoe

If a bigfoot walks in the woods and no one hears it, is it really there?
In this third book in the Necro Files series, we find Daisy out camping with her friend from college. Hanging out in the woods, she meets an ensemble of pot heads, band members and a herd of bigfoots. Dark dealings are at hand when she discovers a strange disk shaped object and witnesses a battle in a field. After that, all signs of a normal camping trip/ concert venue are pretty much toast. What do you do when you witness a hidden species and have to communicate by thought? Think carefully and dodge flying spells from renegade Council members who are up to no good.
Unlike the first two books, I was not pulled into the story right away. The historical beginning was a little interesting but strange, given the tone of the first two books. Also, the camping trip threw me and I struggled with getting into where the book was going. From the history I got where the bigfoot thing was going and once they appeared and the action got moving it was fine. Daisy rocked it and so did Nathan, the hunky spell binding hero. The romantic sparks between the band member and Daisy were lukewarm.
One of the funnier things were the names of the bigfoots and how they communicated by thought. Slips in Shit and Deer Humper. I think I snorted jello through my nose during my break at work when I read that the first time. Good one. It stands to reason the bigfoots would communicate differently than we would and how that effects a human if they touched one. Very good.
Overall I enjoyed the story after I got past the first bit and into the action. A great series, this is one I would recommend to anyone who enjoys the Southern Vampire series from Charlaine Harris, The Hollows series by Kim Harrison or even the Anita Blake books. Urban fantasy meets a funeral home with some unusual goings on, these books are great and have interesting story lines.
For a story to keep you reading long into the night give this one a try.

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