Friday, December 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Sweet Surprise' by Candis Terry


A gorgeous fireman with a golden heart should be enough to attract any reader. Add a sweet and strong single mom and some palpable sexual tension between the two and you have a scorching read.
Sometimes we all need new beginnings, but some of us are too scared to start anew. The courage Fiona shows after her divorce and the move to Sweet, Texas, is inspiring. Not to mention that she is a single mom to a cute four-year-old, and she’s starting a new business. But all that is nothing compared to the emotional storm that another novelty in her life causes – fireman Mike Halsey.
Mike is her ex-husband’s best friend. To Mike, that’s a huge problem when he starts feeling attracted to Fiona. The other problem is that he doesn’t think he could make her happy. Despite the fact that I feel this lack of self-worth was a bit overdone, Mike is a great character. He reveals his heart through his actions and gestures, not just words. I liked that about him.
Apart from Mike and Fiona, the rest of the characters were less developed, but I supposed that is because they all have other novels that they star in. Despite knowing little about Fiona’s and Jackson’s marriage, I loved how they remained friends and how she became part of his family, with his mom practically adopting her.
Another great aspect of the novel was the romance. Despite the instant attraction, the cautiousness on both sides slowed down the relationship which only added to the chemistry and the sizzling tension between Mike and Fiona. The love scenes when they finally do it were that much more satisfying.
The tears-inducing ending was a bit overdone for me, and I felt the far more telling and important scene was the one where Mike returned from LA.
Sweet Surprise is a heartwarming tale of how sometimes we need to let go to find love. Life is full of surprises, no matter how far ahead we want to plan it.

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