Friday, December 22, 2017

Book Review: 'Swan Deception' by Gledé Browne Kabongo


Dr. Shelby Cooper, a brilliant research scientist, has a good life, with a wealthy husband and two wonderful children. But all of that starts to come apart and the lies about her true identity and her past start to surface. She is being stalked and worse yet for her, her children, especially her teenage daughter, are also being stalked. The stalker frames her for the murder of her ex-lover, and it is up to Jason, Shelby’s husband, to find the truth.
This is a spell-binding thriller that hooks the reader in the very beginning, building tension and suspense on every page. The unraveling of Shelby’s life is frightening and the more the reader learns the harder it is to decide whether Shelby is a liar or a killer, a victim or the true culprit.
This is a novel which is not easily put aside, and it’s also not one that I would want to read late at night. The terror is so vivid and the suspense so great that it’s a novel best read in the daylight when you have plenty of time. That being said, my only real disappointment with this otherwise spellbinding novel is that it ends rather too quickly and abruptly. Everything just gets resolved in a blink of an eye so to speak and that doesn’t fit with the rest of the pacing. For instance, we don’t really learn how Shelby figures out who her stalker is and when she and Jason make their plan to bring the stalker down.
The writing is vivid and intense, drawing the reader right into each and every scene. There are many twists and turns in the plot so that I was kept guessing about who the stalker really was. Readers of mystery thrillers are in for a real treat with Swan Deception.

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