Saturday, December 30, 2017

Book Review: 'Star Crossed Ladies of Legend' by Maddie James


Have you ever finished a book and wanted to tell the author thank you? Star Crossed is a book that I enjoyed from the start. The author did an awesome job in writing and telling a story that I am so thankful to have read.
The book shows emotions of sadness for the lost of Mrs. Adeline Hamilton Bynum, a Legend resident who touched many local children through her participation in the county foster family program. Her passing brings Jasmine Walker back to Legend, Tennessee. Jasmine grew up with a drunk as a father and a mother who committed suicide and was blessed to have Mrs. Bynum around her as a teen. Unfortunately, shame and secrets lead Jasmine to leave town with her mind set to never come back. But Mrs. Bynum saw to it that she would return, and not only return but connect on a relationship that was prematurely severed.
Jack Ackerman was Jasmine’s high school boyfriend along with one of Legend’s star football players. Even though Jasmine left him and Legend over fifteen years ago, he still carries a strong love for her. Will they be able to rekindle the love they once shared? Or once secrets have been revealed will any hope of rekindling their love be lost?
Thank you to the author for writing such a great story. The writing style is wonderful. It delivers a pleasing and believable story in full. There is suspense and unnoticeable twists. This story gives a beautiful vision of love in various realms; young love between a boy and a girl, love from a caregiver who, even though she didn’t birth the children herself, felt compelled to see to them finding happiness and having a chance. And also, the love, no matter how odd it seems, from a father to know he isn’t able to be a good father and he loves his child enough to stay out of her life. The characters were believable and likable and I felt empathy for them.
Star Crossed is an inspiring lesson that in true love there is joy, sadness, loss, growth but overall it is unwavering and fixed like the stars.
Star Crossed is a truly enjoyable read that I recommend to anyone looking for a story that speaks volumes and that will still be felt after the last word is read.

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