Monday, December 4, 2017

Book Review: 'Soul Purpose' by Nichelle Gregory

Shannon Erby is the definition of being a strong woman. She has a promising career as a co-host, and well loved by her friends and coworkers. She’s single and beautiful and would make an impressive mate for any man.
At first the book started out as a normal read but as the plot went on the characters became more real and more of their personal lives were developed.
SOULI enjoyed the storyline, the set up is believable and one that is easy to follow. The characters are well developed and given a sense of realness. The issues and circumstances were ones that could touch any reader reading this book. This holds very true for myself. As I was reading the chapter where Shannon is at the doctor discussing the results of her biopsy, I was waiting to have a biopsy done. Though at that moment I stopped reading because it was unnerving to be in a situation so similar to the character I was reading about.
Following Shannon’s results the author painted a vivid picture of Shannon’s story that I could actually picture her during her moments of questioning why her, her moments of wanting to hide. Thankfully those moments passed and she found her strength and bravery. This really touched me and though Shannon is a fictitious character, her issue is one of a real woman that is facing real life health issues. Though my biopsy results were not favorable I am glad I read this story. Shannon’s story left an impression that I will be able to reflect back on.
I felt that Jay and Shannon physical relationship took off pretty fast, but I was so happy that they both were on the same accord. Jay is such a sweetheart to continuously support and save his sister when she ask, even though she got on my nerves always calling Jay for her financial needs. Shannon’s mother is another character that stayed on my nerves but I’m sure at least one reader can relate to having a mother that can’t help but meddle in their adult child’s life.
This story has two of my favorite things delicious food and a hot man cooking it! I like the balance of personal life and work life. The chef reality show is a nice addition that makes for an entertaining and fun read.
A heartfelt book of emotions that were so poignant they left a lasting impression. In addition, I would like to thank the author for a well written lasting experience.
Though this story reflects the ordeal I am facing and that a lot of women have faced, fault, survived and unfortunately a few readers may have even lost someone close to breast cancer, Nichelle has given readers a glimpse into one woman’s story that could very well be an encouraging story to someone that may actually need to read this.

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