Saturday, December 16, 2017

Book Review: 'Second Chance Summer' by Jill Shalvis


A second chance for a relationship once broken, in the face of an accident, which devastated a family.
Second Chance Summer is the first book in the series. The background of this plot is interesting and very well written. The past plays a very important role in this story and this past isn’t revealed completely in the first page or even the first chapter. It is revealed in sections throughout the first part of the book and that is what kept me hooked.
Aiden has always regretted not stopping Lily when she was hell bent on leaving everything familiar when tragedy stuck. But the return of Lily after ten years puts his heart at jeopardy. Will he risk his heart again to get back the love of his life? If he does, it won’t be an easy journey. For any of them.
Lily and Aiden have a lot of hot sizzling chemistry but it is going to take a lot of work for their relationship to heal and rebuild. Jill Shalvis did a wonderful job in not only building a plot but also building all the characters with their own personality so that every aspect and every part of this story kept me interested and wanting to read it.
Throughout the story what was evident was that Lily loves Aiden. But ten years before something happened that made her leave her hometown and break her relationship with Aiden. The first part of the story kept me asking why and how she left and when I did find out everything what kept me reading was “will she leave again?” Will they be a couple again? I got the answers and more.
Besides the main character the secondary characters plays their own important parts and I believe these characters would be the reason for me to read the next book in these series.
Second Chance Summer is not only a contemporary romance but is also a story that goes deep into human emotions and actions. This one is an easy recommend for readers who love their heroes flawed and little on the naughty side and their heroines determined to resist, even when it’s futile. A fantastic read!

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