Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Rescued by the Celtic Warrior' by Amy Jarecki


Will Taran’s people ever accept a Roman into their community?
Valeria’s life certainly changed a lot when she arrived at the Roman frontier. Valeria is a very innocent girl who has led an extremely sheltered life. When I started reading, I expected her to be a bit self absorbed. However, Valeria is a very kind and endearing young woman. Even though she doesn’t have much worldly experience, she genuinely cares for people of every station and tries to help others in need. Valeria doesn’t lack courage when it comes to facing difficult situations. Unfortunately, her practical knowledge is certainly deficient. I give her credit for learning how to handle herself in the wild and being humble enough to know when she needed help. Taran’s unexpected appearance in her life challenges everything she’s ever known about the world. Her eyes are quickly opened to the fact that Roman society is far from perfect. I enjoyed watching her learn to think for herself and grow from a fragile girl into a strong woman.
Valeria and Taran are a bit of an odd couple. Despite coming from completely different backgrounds, they have an almost immediate connection. Even though they find themselves in several intense situations, I like that they were still able to take time to get to know each other. They have great chemistry that sizzles with each encounter. Unfortunately, Taran and Valeria’s union will not go unopposed. The elders of Taran’s tribe aren’t about to let a Roman enter their community without serious consideration. Will Valeria survive the challenge or lose Tarn forever?
I think Ms. Jarecki paced the tale very well. There was plenty of fast paced action interspersed with some slower sections. In addition, several situations had rather surprising outcomes. Just when I thought I knew how things would play out, Ms. Jarecki threw in a twist or two. This kept the story fresh and interesting without seeming too farfetched.
Rescued by the Celtic Warrior is an entertaining read. Valeria and Taran are great main characters and their romance is certainly compelling. I recommend this tale of love and courage to fans of historical romance.

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