Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Book Review: 'Red’s Wolf' by Arianna Archer


When Arden goes to live in Grimm Woods what secrets will she find?
Arden is training in New York to be a chocolatier. She has a hunky boyfriend and a bright future in the culinary arts. But when her grandmother ends up in the hospital, Arden must make some hard choices. She goes to Northern California to be with her family in Grimm Lake and work with her mother at The Wicker Basket to finish her credits for school. But when she arrives, Arden finds herself more at home in this new small town than she ever felt with Chase in New York. Things are about to change…
Tate and Tala run the local bar. Brother and sister, they have a unique relationship. They and a good portion of the older residents in town are shifters. Tala befriends Arden and introduces her to Tate. He takes one look at the gorgeous red head and his libido takes off into overdrive. He and Arden connect and nearly take things one step too far. It is time for her to make a call and it won’t be an easy one.
When a would be rapist turns up dead, things take a sinister turn, making the Grimm Woods just a little bit more mysterious. Arden isn’t shaken by the event and if anything else, she is drawn more deeply into her new life. She must decide whether to embrace the now or to keep Chase. Whatever decision she makes will impact her life in a very large way.
The sex scenes were smoking hot and well…I don’t want to give too much away but that Tate…wooo. He could be my big bad wolf any day of the week.
I loved this book. Everything stopped while I was reading it and I haven’t been able to say that in a while. The recipes interspersed within the story made it pop as did Arden’s personality. She is a girl just like the rest of us trying to find her place. It’s hard moving to a new home and having your world split down the middle. One or the other usually wins.
The wolf shifter aspect and the Red Riding Hood references were awesome. The Grimm Woods, the Wicker Basket bakery and Arden’s feisty grandmother…they all spin together to make this a tale I couldn’t get enough of. Oh-the recipes too. A tangible connection to an author that is on my must read list and a series I’m chomping at the bit to read more of. Kudos Arianna Archer! A great mix of fairy tale and sexy wolf shifters that kept my interest until long after the last page was done.

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