Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Red Dress' by Erzabet Bishop

Cecily is tired and impatient. Her husband, Neil, was late. Again. Neil being late coming home was becoming a habit, but being stood up on Christmas Eve started to get Cecily worried. Tired of waiting, Cecily decides to indulge herself. She takes a few naughty pictures to whet Neil’s appetite and tries on the outrageously sexy red dress she’s been hiding away for a special occasion. What will happen when Neil catches her?
This is a fun and sexy little Christmas short story. I found Cecily to be a sympathetic character and I was thrilled when Neil came in and lived up to the expectations of a hero. While there might not be anything outrageously unique in this quick story, I still found myself eagerly turning the pages. Naughty but brief, this is like an excellent appetizer – quick and tasty, and it leaves you wanting more.
This is a hot little story that I feel sure will get anyone into the Christmas spirit and ready to jump on their partner in the best way possible. Naughty but nice, I really had fun reading this story.

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