Sunday, December 31, 2017

Book Review: 'Private Affair' by Rebecca York


Things done in high school come back to haunt as preparations for a tenth year class reunion begin. Suspense, terror, tension, anxiety, and fear have the characters, both good and bad, on edge.
The “who-did-it” element keeps the reader searching for clues. The “what-really-happened” elements that no one wants to talk about keeps a reader turning pages.
Olivia Winters, the heroine, wants to know who killed her high school friend and maybe others. Yet, she holds back information that might help Max Lyon, the private investigator, get to the truth. Trust and honesty do not come easy for her when it involves her high school years.
Max Lyon had been the “bad boy” in high school and had not been a part of her group. He became a cop and is now a good private investigator. He senses that Olivia is holding back something, but he is still drawn to her just like he was in high school.
The sizzle and spice in the rising of their passion is woven into the story so the reader feels the ebb and flow of it until the storm of desire and love takes over.
The antagonist, so treacherous, is a cunning, smart killer in the beginning. But, as things accelerate, this once creative killer gets reckless, vicious, and determined to have what he/she wants regardless of the cost. The terrifying climax is breath-holding.
Rebecca York, after laying the ground work, sets the reader in the midst of a plot that bubbles like a hot cauldron with suspense, intrigue, and incredible love. The plot propels the readers along with secretive characters and action that keep the tension high.
While PRIVATE AFFAIR starts off in a somewhat ordinary setup, it does not stay that way. It picks up momentum and keeps a reader’s senses engaged with well developed characters and a plot that takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride.
Good entertainment!

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