Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Passionate History' by Libby Waterford


“It’s going to be messy.”
Bree had a crush on her history teacher ever since the first time she saw him the class.
On the day of graduation she takes a chance and seduces Aiden, her professor. It results in a hot steamy night that neither will ever forget.
This was an extremely easy read. It went so smoothly. It was a non-stop read for me. I especially loved the main characters. Not to say that the secondary characters were bad. In my opinion every one of the characters glowed.
The reunion for the professor and the student and what transpired after that was what made it an amazing read. It was descriptive without being too much. The story had multiple POV’s that allowed me to understand both of them.
Passionate History allowed me to travel with Bree from her college life to her career since it encompasses around five years.
Bree is a sweet and independent girl. I would have loved to know more about how much of a distinct difference there was in Bree emotionally during the five years encompassed in this story.  However, I loved the story and would surely love to read more of this author.
This was a short erotic but sweet read that any romance lover should like.

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