Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Part Time Lovers' by Shelley Munro


Part Time Lovers is the first book in Shelley Munro’s Clare Chronicles. No, Clare is not one of the characters, it is the Australian town where these folks live, work and love. I like the world, with a decidedly small town feel. The people are interesting, and the pace is not too rushed. I like the chemistry between the characters, even when they are not acting their best.
Nolan Penrith believed he was being considerate and gentlemanly, keeping his relationship with single mom Yvonne McDonald out of the public eye while he was on the reality show, Farmer Wants a Wife. Yvonne, however, took it as proof that Nolan was ashamed of her and what was between them. Now that the show is over, Nolan just wants to return to his normal life, and that includes his relationship with Yvonne. Can Nolan convince Yvonne his intentions are true? Will Yvonne stick to her determination to just ‘use’ Nolan? Or will these two realize that love can’t be dictated by anything but two hearts desires?
Yvonne McDonald is a divorced mom, determined to raise her child the best way possible. She is hurt by what she sees as Nolan’s indifference, not listening to his reasons for his actions. She misses the closeness, and decides she can have Nolan without strings, as long as she sets the pace of their relationship. I like her strength and her determination, and it was fun watching her realize that Nolan was the one for her.
Nolan Penrith is a strong and reasonable man. He went on the reality show, not to find a wife for himself, but to bring some attention to Clare, and maybe help his brother out a bit. And to avoid the pressure from his mother as well. He thinks he is doing the right thing, keeping the spotlight away from Yvonne, not realizing she thinks it indicates he is ashamed of her. I like Nolan for his honest and forthright demeanor, and his determination to set things right, even if he does have to take drastic measures to win his lady.
There is a lot of passion here, and great chemistry between the two main characters. I found some humor and some tears, and there were lots of innocent times spent with Yvonne’s child as well. This is a hot romance that has a few twists to it, along with the slight gender reversal Yvonne tries to institute with Nolan. I enjoyed seeing her as the pursuer, and recommend this one for anyone who likes lighthearted romantic comedies.

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