Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Book Review: 'The Organ Takers' by Richard Van Anderson


Readers who like the sort of story that puts them on a roller coaster from beginning to end will probably enjoy The Organ Takers. Having been a fan of both the book and movie, Coma by Robin Cook, I was eager to read this one which has a similar theme of human organ trafficking.
The story kicks off high in suspense when a homeless man collapses and is taken to the ER where he dies. This is the catalyst for the whole story. The bad guys are worried the trail will lead back to them and when a second homeless man wanders into the ER with a recollection of being operated on, a nurse gets suspicious and contacts the police.
And then there’s the main character, David McBride, outcast from the medical community and unfortunate enough to be drawn into the shady world of black market organ donation. I kept pulling for him hoping things would turn in his favor but the author did a great job upping the conflict and soon David’s pregnant wife is drawn into the deadly game and things kick into high gear.
Another character I liked in this book was the detective, Kate D’Angelo, who is trying to solve the mystery of the homeless man in the ER and find out what really happened to him. I felt like I wanted to cheer her on but knew if she achieves her goal than David’s in big trouble. The conflicting goals of this two characters was what made this book so enjoyable to read.
It’s fast paced and during the last ten chapters or so I found myself reading on to see the outcome which I have to say wasn’t how I expected. It’s now left me wondering if all these characters will be back for an encore.
If like me, you enjoy medical thrillers and race against the clock time suspense then this one’s worth checking out.

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