Thursday, December 21, 2017

Book Review: 'Naturally Yours' by Adele Downs


Mickey is a trained paramedic and stops to help a distressed woman with a child who is choking. Little does he know this will lead to his meeting the woman of his dreams.
Both Mickey and Amanda have trauma in their recent past. When the son of Amanda’s business partner is saved by Mickey he agrees to come to their restaurant for a “thank you” meal and the attraction between them is instant.
I found the interaction between Mickey and Amanda so believable I could see them in the various situations. Mickey, so uncertain of himself that he wouldn’t cross the line and tell Amanda his real feelings and why he was afraid to take the next step. Amanda, thinking Mickey hadn’t found her as attractive as she’d found him. Usual non-communication but done in a way that I could see and believe the thoughts going through their heads.
When at last Mickey gets ready to address his feelings he gets it wrong again. Poor innocent male!
Loved this book. Short but full of emotions and confusion. It brings in the anguish of the past to be smoothed by the romance of the here and now. I found it very enjoyable to read. A book that stands on its own without being rushed or shortened to make it fit.

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