Friday, December 22, 2017

Book Review: 'My Pirate' by Cora West


Nicole looked forward to hanging out with her friend, Monica, sipping drinks and lounging in the sun. She was more than happy to leave Maryland’s frigid temperature in exchange for a few days in Florida’s blazing heat. Monica, being the more adventurous, dragged  Nicole around to her favorite hangouts and Nicole quickly saw how her fun-loving friend fit in perfectly with the partying atmosphere of Miami. And if drinking and dancing weren’t enough, Monica had booked a surprise cruise on day 3 of Nicole’s vacation. Lounging on the deck sipping rum and watching the shoreline fade away…what could be more perfect than that?
As Nicole dozed on the deck of their private charter, she thought about the abundance of gorgeous men in Miami. The slim pickings back home left much to be desired. Not that it mattered; her love-life had been pretty scarce of late. Her mind drifted and she toyed with the idea of relocating herself. But her pleasant musings were to be short-lived. Before she knew what was happening, their relaxing cruise turned into one of chaos and confusion. Seems the seas are not as safe as one would think, even in today’s modern age, for pirates had just overtaken them.
Despite their perilous dilemma, Monica seemed a bit too relaxed and smug; leaving Nicole to wonder what the heck was going on. While she had to admit, their captors were surprisingly attractive—as pirates go—but seriously? What they heck could they want? Their boat didn’t carry a hoard of treasure or gold, the only people on board were the captain, his first mate, and them. As she examines their bizarre clothing and listens to their historical slang, it doesn’t take long for Nicole to figure out that the men didn’t capture their charter for gold or jewels, they came aboard looking for a much more pleasurable type of bounty…them!
My Pirate by Cora West is an adorable gem of sex and adventure on the high seas. What woman doesn’t dream about being captured and seduced by a sword-swinging scoundrel with an equally impressive dirk down his drawers? It certainly helps when your kidnapper is drop-dead gorgeous with an awesome build and dressed as though he’d just stepped out of a historical romance novel.
While I’m not typically an advocate of one-night stands, I was happy to see that the writer involved the notion of practicing safe-sex. Despite being caught up in the moment, Nicole and Morgan still played things smart. The sole purpose of this tale was for the girls to get ravished and enjoy a bit of excitement in their life, and Ms. West certainly hits the mark. With the girls’ quirky humor and the guys’ eccentric acting, I found myself giggling several times. Ms. West even hints to the possibility that this might not be a wham-bam-thank-you-mam kind of tale after all. While their physical attraction was instant, Nicole and Morgan also spend some time just talking. As the day winds to a close, they make plans to meet again, possibility to see if the budding interest between might include more than just mind-blowing sex.
For a delightfully sexy and exciting read, be sure to pick up a copy of Cora West’s My Pirate. From saucy wenches to pillaging pirates, this contemporary story left me daydreaming about the days when swashbucklers roamed the seas, searching for other ships to plunder and hapless maidens to ravish. Okay, so maybe those times weren’t as magical for the poor hapless saps forced to walked the plank, but a girl can dream can’t she? I’d take a couple of Ms. West’s scallywags any day.

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