Sunday, December 17, 2017

Book Review: 'Mauled' by S.J.D. Peterson


Gunny has expressed to his husband, Mac, his desire to explore some leather fetish clubs. Obligingly, Mac buys Gunny some leather pants, a leather shirt and a gorgeous leather collar. Mac doesn’t want there to be any confusion who his lover belongs to. A work opportunity lets both men go to DC, so Mac decides it’s high time he and Gunny finally took their honeymoon, and New York has a bunch of leather clubs Mac is eager to introduce Gunny to. The two men have seen years of combat together, but now they’re retired, it’s time to focus on each other, and Mac has plenty of plans in that department.
Despite the shorter length of this novel and the solid nature of Mac and Gunny’s relationship, I really enjoyed the new sparks the two men shared. Their love and commitment is clear to see, but seeing Gunny interact with Mac’s parents, and watching how Mac worked to bring Gunny’s leather fantasy to life was almost like seeing new aspects of the two men come together. I also really enjoyed how much of the club was described and explained. Because this is Mac and Gunny’s first time at the club, the descriptions are a lot more detailed and longer than other books I’ve read. This helped me get a really vivid picture in my head and gave the book more depth to me.
A fun, sexy romp of a book, I think this book would appeal to BDSM novices as well as those well used to their kink. There is nothing I found overtly dangerous or envelope pushing to scare off new readers – but still plenty of sizzle and spark between Mac and Gunny to have even the veterans of erotica whet their appetite. Recommended.

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