Friday, December 8, 2017

Book Review: 'A Mansion, A Drag Queen, and A New Job' by CC Dragon


Psychic visions take over when Deanna Oscar arrives in New Orleans for a job interview. The young woman finds herself inheriting a house from a grandmother she never knew existed. Grandma was also psychic and Deanna finds herself entangled in a murder mystery.. Thrown into a world of murder and the paranormal, Deanna also finds humor in her friendship with Ivy the drag queen, her neighbor Mary Lou and Missy her ghostly maid.
This book is one of a kind, although as the first of a series there probably will be more like this…at least I hope so. The writing is unique. Ghosts and paranormal have been written about before, but not with such depth. I traveled with Deanna as she helped hunt down the killer, discovered why he behaved in such a way and tried to save the victims. Along the way she makes friends with a judge, a sheriff and her recently deceased grandmother. Then there’s the unfriendly magical items locked in her storeroom, items which must never be allowed to escape.
The book contains a wealth of characters who make the story extremely enjoyable and I would love to read the next book in the series. If it’s as good as this one it will be a winner.

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