Friday, December 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Love Caters All' by Nicci Carrera


Rick Nordon, A hard working CEO is given the order by his doctor to take a break away from work and electronics. His Doc also recommends a house/cottage in a small town that he could rent and get away from the city life.
When he arrives he learns that the cottage comes with attachments. The Cruz family.
The moment he meets Maya Cruz and her Mama in his temporary getaway he starts forming a relationship not only with Maya but with everyone. From the mother to the sisters to the best friends.
To help her widowed mother earn some passive income, Maya helps her rent out their cottage. She never expected that renter to be the very wealthy Rick. Maya’s heart has already been stomped on by a vacationing millionaire. She doesn’t want to get hurt all over again.
I absolutely loved how the whole story started. It was equal parts heartwarming and passionate. Rick comes from a corporate background but he’s not a complete jerk or egoistical. Okay, he has a huge ego but I think he shows a lot more heart than that. From the start there is respect for Maya’s mama and the banter between them was fun as well as sizzling. I could feel the heat practically oozing out of the story.
Maya’s relationship with Rick is touching and believable. Though they had chemistry and passion right from the start, both of them made a couple of mistakes, more than once. Even though that made me believe in the story, it also made me skeptical and unsure. Wouldn’t they have understood each other and themselves better right around the first time they made the error/mistake? For me it felt like they were making the same mistakes again and again.
I love the author’s writing style because it was descriptive, not overly so but enough to allow me to enjoy and want to learn and go fishing. From this day onwards, I will never think of fishing as boring. Never!
That being said, I think the ending was perfect. I think that there is definitely going to be a second book or even a third one (at least I hope so!) because I’m very much excited to know how it will all go from there.
I would very much recommend this book to any Contemporary Romance Lovers. Anyone who loves the mismatch combination of the corporate world with a culinary world would also love this.

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