Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Love and Miss Communication' by Elyssa Friedland


A series of events has led Evie to leave social media.  When she loses her job, Evie vows to stop using social media and the internet, for anything. From then on she learns some things about herself she wouldn’t have otherwise, and finds herself attracted to one man she may not be able to have.
This book had a very interesting plot, and although it took a while for me to completely get into it, it was worth the wait.  The plot was simple but the characters, minor and secondary, were fantastic and stole the show. Especially Evie’s grandmother.
Love and Miss Communication is a story about a woman in her thirties struggling to find love through an internet dating site. What would make me come back and read this book again and again was this struggle which is both realistic and timely.
Miss Friedland did a wonderful job of writing a story which highlighted a modern woman’s struggle to not only be successful in her professional life but her personal one as well.  I loved the simplicity of this story and would recommend it.

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