Monday, December 18, 2017

Book Review: 'Lone Rider' by B.J. Daniels


This was my first foray into a BJ Daniels novel, and it’s part of The Montana Hamiltons series. Although well written and exciting, it was clear from the first page that I was missing previous information about the numerous characters and storylines. I was intrigued enough, though, to go back and find out more about previous installments
The blurb made me feel as if the main characters were going to be Bo and Jace — and while they are the couple who get their HEA, their story had no greater preference given than the ones between Jace’s sister, Emily and her new beau, Alex (who I loved!), Sarah and Russell, or Buckmaster and Angelina. Honestly, they all seemed to have the same number of pages allotted to their stories. There’s a pretty significant ongoing storyline going on here as well about Sarah and her mysterious return from the dead, along with the mystery of Emily’s stalker. It almost made Bo’s kidnapping a bit dull!
I zipped through the book quickly, because there is so much happening. I wanted to find out more and more and more and so kept turning pages! Honestly, though, I was most invested in the new relationship with Alex and Emily … more so than Jace and Bo. I’m hoping that the next book is theirs–I’ll snap it right up!
The author has a way with wordsmithing. I was never bored or confused or kicked out of the story due to odd phrasing or confusing description. She kept the pace galloping forward and while I wouldn’t say it was edge-of-your-seat, exactly, the tension seldom lets up. I can’t fault her skill in the least.
I suppose ultimately I felt frustrated at having missed book one. This book just didn’t stand alone as strongly as I would have liked. However, it definitely caught my interest enough that I’m off to find book one and catch up so that I can be first in line for the next in the series. I recommend the book and the author … I just also recommend that you start at the beginning. You won’t regret it!

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