Friday, December 22, 2017

Book Review: 'The Lady Meets Her Match' by Gina Conkle

Gina Conkle creates a captivating “Cinderella” story with a twist that is set in late eighteenth century England.
The Lady Meets Her Match sparkles with humor, entices with conversational innuendos, intrigues with undercurrents of evil, and tantalizes with sizzling foreplay and love scenes.
Claire Mayhew and Cyrus Ryland’s first meeting is in semi-darkness where they sit close together and talk as equals. Emotions awaken that neither of them have experienced before. But Claire and Cyrus are at cross purposes, so Claire runs and Cyrus has Bow Street Runners searching for her.
At age sixteen, Cyrus Ryland failed as a farmer and as a provider for his widowed mother and orphaned siblings. But, with his innate entrepreneurial acumen and hard labor, he becomes one of the wealthiest men in England and is known as King of Commerce. However, when he does not kowtow to the wishes of some noblemen, he finds himself and those he loves in danger of losing all they have gained in a society that still holds the rights of nobility sacrosanct.
Gina Conkle weaves together social, financial, and personal issues of that historical time, creating a story that keeps the reader turning pages. How some of the characters, both primary and secondary, wiggle out of scary situations is believable but still amazing. I did wish for one more scene to let me know that one particular antagonist got his comeuppance. GOOD READING!

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