Sunday, December 24, 2017

Book Review: 'Knights Vampire' by Kryssie Fortune


“I’m in a closed-up castle and surrounded by vampires. So why am I the one doing the biting?”
For centuries Blaxton has roamed the earth drinking from people whom he had once vowed to protect. He was betrayed by one his brothers and changed into a creature of the night. It took him meeting a feisty, hot tempered and strong minded woman, for his feelings to return one by one. After living centuries without feeling Blaxton was not willing lose this one chance for love.
The beginning was interesting and well written however one thing that put me off was the fact that it was an insta-love/lust. The passion and lust was evident from the first page and after a couple of pages it was love. I don’t hate ‘love at first sight’ tropes but sometimes it’s tiring to read. I like a little more build up and tension before the declarations of love.
The plot was well written but there were some facts about turning vampires that seemed inconsistent and incomplete. Nothing that ruined the story or stopped me from reading, it just stood out to me.
This is a story where a vampire knight, or warrior, meets his chosen mate. However, this story is not as simple as that. They have to go through a mad man to get to their HEA. It has a heroine with a strong sense of humor, and an equally volatile temper and spirit to match the strength of her hero.
A vampire and a human both with haunting pasts that build their present. A read well worth the time.

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