Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Book Review: 'Justice Prevails' by Morticia Knight


Things are never quiet on the Las Vegas Strip. Just ask Detective Beau Williams, homicide detective for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Just as he thinks he might be able to take some time off, have a couple drinks, and relax, another body is found, leading him to believe a serial killer is on the loose. Each time a conventioneer disappears, he’s pulled deeper into the mystery, but will he ever catch the person responsible?
Detective Beau Williams has his hands full with his day job as a homicide detective for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This leaves him with little time to do anything but catch bad guys. But he sucks it up, does his job, and sneaks out for a little fun when he can. It also makes him a bit touchy and uptight as well, which I guess is understandable. Once I got past all of his walls and prickliness, I started to like him a lot. He’s patient, he’s kind, and he’s a redhead. With a beard no less. He’s very much an alpha male, which generally isn’t something I care for, but in a police officer, I think it’s more natural assertiveness and less arrogance.
Austin Kent started out as an adorable dork. He’s clumsy, he’s insecure, and that’s really endearing. The problem with Austin, however, is that he can’t move past it. The clumsiness is there for life, trust me, I know that one firsthand. But even once he knows that Beau’s into him, he can’t accept it and constantly throws up snarky responses to everything. Once he finally relaxed enough to see the truth, he did settle down, which made me very happy because he and Beau really were good together.
This third installment in the Sin City Uniforms series is probably one of my favorites to date. I really like how the author will introduce a character in a prior book before giving them their own story. It helps garner a little added interest as far as I’m concerned. You recognize the name and remember how he’d helped someone in the book before so you know you’re going in liking the main character. A steamy and sexy story coupled with an intense mystery makes for a very enjoyable read.

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