Monday, December 25, 2017

Book Review: 'An Inconvenient Desire' by Alexia Adams


Bruised and battered hearts in tow, they inadvertently set out on a journey when Jonathan finds his daughter at his door. A daughter he never knew existed.
For Jonathan, spending months renovating his Italian villa was his way of getting over his ex and getting back to normal after his divorce was finalized. When he sees Olivia, he reels between taking a chance or saving himself from heartache all over again.
However, when Jonathan’s ex-wife leaves his eighteen month old daughter who he had no idea existed, he’s frozen in shock. Olivia, seeing everything unfold, is faced with a frightened toddler and a new dad who has no idea what to do. So, she takes charge and vows the child will know she is loved.
The journey brings them face to face with each other’s desires, pain and secrets. The story had a couple of twists that I was not expecting at all. I liked the fact that this story was not only about Jonathan and Olivia. It had a hint of family in it that completely rounded out the story.
I think the characters were well thought out and mesh seamlessly with the plot. The relationship between Jonathan and Olivia is slow in the developing process. They had lust and desire between them when they first met and I was immediately thinking that the lust would be the point that would bring them together. I was so wrong. I loved the slow developing relationship they had. They had something going for them and between them besides the impossible to ignore lust.
All in all, I think it this is a book for romance lovers and readers looking for damaged heroes and heroines finding their way back to love.

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