Sunday, December 31, 2017

Book Review: 'In the Land of Gold' by Angela Christina Archer


In the Land of Gold is told in first person. The heroine, Cora Colton, at first, appears to have little backbone and is pretty much a puppet that her mother manipulates. Cora does whatever her mother deems “proper.”
But then … SHE CHANGES!
With the help and encouragement of the “outrageous” Grace, Cora does what she really wants to do, all the while knowing her mother and her very “proper” fiancĂ©e will disapprove vehemently. Next, when she receives an inheritance from her father whom she has not seen nor heard from since she was nine years old, she goes to claim that inheritance.
In the late 1800s Klondike gold rush, she sets out to claim her inheritance near Dawson City, Canada. Her ignorance keeps her in danger most of the time. Only when the reluctant hero, Flynn O’Neil, comes to her aid, does it seem she has a chance to make it or even survive in the beautiful but deadly conditions of the far north.
The reader gets to know Flynn a little at the time, but the feeling he will take care of Cora and get them to their destination, even when she is stubborn in her ignorance, keeps one turning pages. Snow, Flynn’s she-wolf companion, proves to be invaluable at times.
Ms. Archer describes the environment so that the reader’s senses are assailed with the odors, sights, sounds, and the feel of the awful cold, wet misery. But she also reveals the majestic views and beauty of the perilous country. It is breath-holding at times and breathtaking at other times.
The love story that develops is subtle and solid. Cora‘s rite of passage into womanhood is a challenge every step of the way, but she emerges a strong woman with a “can-do” attitude.
In the Land of Gold is a cold, wet vicarious trip over perilous terrain where lawlessness makes staying alive even more perilous—an attention keeping read.

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