Thursday, December 28, 2017

Book Review: 'Hungry Like A Wolf' by Paige Tyler


Do you enjoy strong alpha werewolves? If so then this book is for you. It is full of sexy shifters and packed with action. This book gives us Gage and Mackenzie’s story. Gage leads the other alphas on his team and I loved seeing how they all connected and worked together. Mackenzie is a strong female and I enjoyed seeing their relationship play out. This is a nice start to a new series by Paige Tyler and I cannot wait to see where she takes the characters and their world next.
Mackenzie is determined to break the story she knows is hiding behind the men on the Dallas SWAT team. Right from the start Mackenzie and Gage have an attraction that burns up the pages but could her snooping put Gage and his men in more danger? When Gage finds himself at a crossroads what will he do? Can he have both the one woman made for him and the safety of his pack or has that question already become null and void? I enjoyed the banter and the camaraderie between all the men. Each character is special in their own way and has so much to say. I cannot wait to see their stories play out.
Both Gage and Mackenzie must make hard and deep life changing decisions. Love and emotions war with the truth and secrets in this story. As Mackenzie and Gage try to sort through their feelings, danger lurks in the shadows. A mobster intent on revenge against Gage and his team brings more trouble to their world and pulls Mackenzie in as well. I am not a big fan of Mackenzie and the way she treated Gage and the other men after she discovers their secret. She does do right by them but the way she first handles it makes her seem cold and indifferent to the man she loves.
This is a fast paced, action packed story full of emotions. It was nice to see Gage and Mackenzie’s relationship grow from attraction to so much more. I enjoyed my first visit to this world through their story and hope that we get to see more from these men in the future.

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