Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Book Review: 'Holly and Ivy' by Selah Janel


A broken heart is bad enough, but when Holly also gets ‘downsized’ from her company she returns home to her parents’ farm. Wallowing in misery, she can see no way to drag herself back into the mainstream of life.
A walk in the fresh air takes her to her favorite place, the Christmas tree plantation her parents run as a sideline. Her troubles disappear when she meets Ivy, her childhood friend who just happens to be a dryad.
Holly is portrayed extremely well as the heart broken woman with no dreams of the future. Ivy is typically a mischievous dryad, but she also has a solemn side to her nature. This lighthearted book brought me the warmth of Christmas and made me think of knitted sweaters, hot chocolate and singing carols. All the old fashioned stuff. Then of course there’s the romance, but if I mentioned that it would bring a spoiler into play.
Well written and the characters became so true to life it was almost as if I was there with them.
I would happily recommend this book to my friends and it’s just the thing to stuff into a Christmas stocking. It would definitely put my friends in the mood for the festive season.

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