Sunday, December 3, 2017

Book Review: 'His Diamond Queen' by Lena Hart

Two young people with a complex family life find their introduction in His Diamond Queen. Jay Price had a not so fortunate up bringing, while Rachelle Silva has anything her heart desires at her disposal. But is that a good thing when her mother has been a mistress for 25 years? Rachelle’s father is a man of power and status, and this brings about many enemies, which in turn opens up a position for Jay Price as Rachelle’s personal body guard.
QUEENBesides their chemistry and attraction drawing them together, I just didn’t see this couple fitting together with conversation of things they have in common nor did I see them growing as a couple. Though the attraction was one that could not be denied the sex scene just seem forced or out of place to me. It was kind of like they realized they were alone and said hey let’s have sex. There was no type of romance or special evening planned just straight to the do. In the first part of the book their relationship wasn’t one I enjoyed reading about. In the beginning they were hating each other as well as denying their attraction; they had sex and then were in love and were inseparable. I would have like to see them spending quiet moments together first and then working their way to the intimate moments. The author didn’t let me down though. After about half way the book is when they started sharing moments, spending time as a couple talking and sharing interest. From that point I did start to like the time Rachelle and Jay spent together at home and the time they spent with Jay’s friends.
I liked the mystery and the suspense of finding out what was going on and why Rachelle was in danger. Finding out who was behind the attempted kidnapping and break-ins was sort of a surprise. I thought someone else was behind it, but I was wrong. It didn’t take me long to read the book, and even though the storyline was predictable it was a cute read. I enjoyed the action scenes as well. Even though this is a love story I appreciate the author including a few good action scenes. The writing is pleasant, easy to follow and moved fairly quickly.
I am a fan of the author but this book didn’t completely win me over like the prior series of Queen Quartette books. The author has the same type formula of women in distress, and attractive men that just happen to be right there to save them. In this series Jay is a former bad boy which added dimension to the character and also brought about the scenario of bad boy meets good girl. The variety of their up bringing brought about an interesting combination and entertaining read.
Though this is one I wouldn’t announce as a must read, it still would be a good read for those that enjoy a book with no cliffhangers and that has a happy ending.

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