Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Hers to Own' by Anne Lange


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…but when your own eyes don’t see the beauty in the mirror what then?
Brie is a woman with weight issues. Facing her oncoming high school reunion, she is terrified and excited about running into her long time obsession Kade. She has worked hard to maintain her current weight, but can’t shake the scars of the past. When she runs into him at the reunion and he asks her out, she acts like she doesn’t remember him.
Kade recalls the one girl who was honest and true to him in high school and is excited to see her at the reunion. When she won’t admit to remembering him, he asks her out on a date, determined to find out more about this new and sexy version of Brie.
Jamie is Brie’s best friend. Gorgeous and studly, he has no romantic inclinations toward her but bristles as things evolve between Brie and Kade-especially when she reveals that their second date is not just at a restaurant, but the Vault, the new adult club in town. It seems that Jamie just might have some secrets of his own.
This story has some twists and turns, but my favorite aspect is Brie learning to love her body. Kade insists she see in the mirror what he does and that can be a difficult thing. Weight issues are a core thing that can haunt a person’s self-image for years and the terror that she will go back to what she was before is enough to rock Brie’s world, even threatening the budding romance between Kade and herself. When he takes her to his family’s business- The Vault, she is awakened to a whole new reality. When Kade and Brie are threatened by someone who wants to exert her own brand of control all bets are off.
And I stop there lest I give away too much of the plot. This book is very hot, but I was thrown a little off by the opening scene. It didn’t end up detracting from the rest of the book, but I like to get to know a character before I’m walking through one of her orgasms. The book is an awakening for Brie and a personal growth for Kade who has never considered a woman for a long term relationship-until now.
You can find many secrets buried in The Vault series-and I can’t wait to explore the next one.

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