Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Book Review: 'Her Immortal Viking' by Adele Downs


Gunnar does dishes! Penny makes a wish and it comes true beyond her wildest dreams. If only we could all be so lucky.
Beautiful Penny Farnsworth is a hardworking waitress and college student trying to make ends meet, but with a student loan hanging over her head and a worthless boyfriend in tow, life is spiraling downward.
Swoon-worthy Miguel, boyfriend and hopeful male model, has it made with Penny. She cooks, cleans, and financially supports him – she evens lusts after him. But when the story opens, Penny has already decided that her “slob and a mooch” of a boyfriend needs to get out of her trailer and out of her life. She wastes no time in throwing his belongings out the door. “Adios, Miguel.”
As a student of literature and mythology, exasperated Penny stands amid the mess in her trailer left by Miguel and looks to the heavens pleading, “Can anyone up there hear me? Will someone help me out?” The author explains, “She asked the questions as if up there held mystical realms where gods, elves, and fairies took pity on human suffering.” Excellent!
Soon, Penny begins to rub the “crystal pendant at her navel” while chanting “Om.” This scene is sure to make any reader smile, but we all know what happens next … Disappointed Penny goes to bed, alone, a little weepy, exhausted, and no better off than she was before.
However, later that night the sounds of banging pots and pans startle Penny out of a deep sleep. She is up and headed for the kitchen with plans of giving her ex-boyfriend a good tongue-lashing for coming back, but instead of Miguel, she finds a gorgeous goddess of a man – and he’s doing her dishes! Meet Gunnar, an immortal who once was a Viking warrior, now cast into servitude as a Light Elf, who has been sent by the god Freyr in answer to Penny’s call.
If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect man, Gunnar is probably him. He is kind, compassionate, brave, and loyal. He is also beautiful, both inside and out, and his talents are unsurpassed, none more so than in Penny’s bedroom.
On the downside, the romance between Penny and Gunnar felt too rushed for my tastes. I would have preferred more buildup before they found their way to the bedroom. I’m not even sure I had a clear picture of what they were wearing, or know much about Penny’s overall appearance. So, a few more pages adding visualizations would have been especially nice. There were also a few minor formatting mishaps and editing slip-ups, such as some omitted and/or extraneous words, which have a way of proving to your subconscious that you’re reading a story rather than living it.
Plain and simple, this story is FUN! It is a quick read (only 90 pages) and is hard to beat when looking for a lively and sensual tale. If you like romance, mythology, or real-life relationship stories (Miguel) or tales of godlike immortal love (Gunnar), this story should not be missed!

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