Thursday, December 21, 2017

Book Review: 'Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon' by Roma Gray


Expecting the unexpected isn’t as easy as it looks.
The interviews with certain key characters were incredibly well done. They provided information that I found both entertaining and completely necessary in order to fully understand what was going on for some of them. I ended up scrolling down to read the interview immediately after finishing each tale, and I was glad I made that decision. They worked much better together, although it’s difficult to go into any specific details here without giving away spoilers.
It took me a little while to settle into some of the plots due to their unique formats. Because each one is part of a much longer work, the pacing was nothing at all like what I would usually expect from a short story. A great deal of time was spent introducing characters and describing the worlds they lived in, and the main sources of conflict were sometimes a little slow to arrive. This makes perfect sense for something full length, but it was occasionally jarring for short fiction.
With that being said, I am eagerly anticipating all of the books that the main characters will be featured in. Every single one of them included something that surprised or intrigued me for completely different reasons. I’ve never seen anything like this done in the science fiction genre before and was impressed by how the author tied it all together. Ms. Gray took a risk here. It paid off quite well.
Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon has whetted my appetite for more. If you’re in the mood for something incredibly original, give it a try!

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