Friday, December 22, 2017

Book Review: 'The Gangster’s Kiss' by Ginger Ring


The search for his missing sister leads him to a woman with secrets that will steal his heart.
The Gangster’s Kiss is set in the Roaring 20’s, and it’s an exciting and sometimes lawless era. Gangsters and the mob had their hands in all walks of life. It was sometimes hard to tell who a person could trust. That’s where the book starts, with good guy John O’Malley going around and doing odd jobs to get the information and connect with the people who could give him answers. One of those ‘odd jobs’ puts him in league with local gangsters but also into the life of the Sheriff’s sister, Grace.
Ms. Ring paints John as a man brought up to always help others. He’s a generous and kind person with a wild side that would both endear and make a woman feel comfortable and protected around him.
Grace comes back home to secrets, death and betrayal. There’s an instant connection between them, chemistry, but it’s not love. Let me be clear, this is not a love at first sight story and is perfect for anyone who does not want to read a love at first sight trope. The chemistry between John and Grace is evident and constant throughout the whole book.
John is an honorable man but more than that he is a family man. It would have been nice to read his life before he went on the hunt for his sister. This is the first book in the series however, it feels like the second book or that I started reading from the middle of the book, which isn’t so.
Despite that, the book was very descriptive with surprises for this reader. The climax was eventful and one that I thought about long after the story ended. I am not an expert on the 20’s era but it was smooth going with a couple of hiccups that for me was shrouded by the atmosphere between John and Grace. I am looking forward to the second book of the series.

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