Thursday, December 21, 2017

Book Review: 'Freeing the Beast' by Tina Donahue


Can true love be crafted by magic?
Becca runs a dating agency where out of control supernatural bad boys come to get whipped into shape, sometimes literally. When a client comes in and is mistaken for someone else, things get out of hand very quickly. Her normally indomitable control is shaken by this very sexy customer who happens to be descended from the Greek God Eros himself. Instant attraction, a pair of sexy underwear, cupid tattoos and some freaky potion magic make this book a page turning experience.
Eric is too nice and he hates getting dumped by every woman he comes across. When he stops in to the From Crud to Stud dating service and claps eyes on its curvy, sexy owner Becca Salt, he can’t think of anything better than to pin her to the table and douse his good boy image for good. Spellcasting hijinks ensue and Eric has to decide if his original intent is really what he wants or if she is already right under his nose.
Funny, sexy and ice melting, this book made me laugh, cry a little and want to keep reading long after the last page was done. A great mix of humor, seduction, mythology, witchcraft, bloopers and some good Italian food just rounded it off for keepers. Tina Donahue is now on my must read list and I really hope there will be more stories based on this novel. Loved it!
The sex scenes were hot, the humor just perfect and being a curvy girl myself, I can identify with some of the body issues Becca experienced. Could he really love her or is it just the potion talking? To find the answer to that is the biggest risk of all, but for true love it’s all worthwhile.
A hot read to melt your blah’s away!

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