Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Book Review: 'Fortune’s Star' by Morgan Hawke


A fast paced novella set in outer space with a love story between three people who find and connect in a world that the future is constantly changing. Both sci-fi with a touch of paranormal because of the ghosts, I definitely loved Luxi as a character. She’s a great character because she knows what she wants from her future, rescues herself and yet is able to bend a bit in order to change her destiny and fall in love.
Amun is suave, capable and definitely in control of both of his lovers. Leto is a unique character because he has a human soul/ghost inside of a cyborg. I kind of loved that about him, that he was very human and yet not. I also loved the way Luxi meets both men separately and yet falls for them both, and it helps the triad work well for them.
This is a novella, set in a world I’ve visited before, yet it is easily read as a delicious stand alone. There is a relationship between all three characters including some very sexy scenes between Amun and Leto. I enjoyed every scene, and I would gladly read a full length story with these three.
I highly recommend this story to fans of sci-fi menage romance who like when all three characters fully love each other.

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