Saturday, December 16, 2017

Book Review: 'For Richer, For Poorer' by Heidi Wessman Kneale


Beatrice didn’t want to leave earth until she’d traced down her family lines. After all, shouldn’t she know more about the family curse?
The author sets this story in contemporary times but includes a centuries old curse that is still coming true all these years later. I like the mix of cultures, the main characters, and the way they work on curing the curse. A bit more length to this story would have fleshed it out better. As it is, you get a bare bones story that reads fast and entertains well.
Beatrice is from America and when she travels to England to finish her genealogy work, her boyfriend is mad at her. She’s amazed to find out she doesn’t care. She’s marrying him to get off world but she’s not sure she loves him. She travels to the priest she talked to through emails and visits the church hoping for more information. He has no more to show her but sends her to the old graveyard that holds her ancestors. When she’s there, she meets Peter, Lord of the Manor. He asks who she’s searching for and offers to let her search some artifacts and bibles he has in the house. She also meets Francie, Peter’s fiancĂ©. When she looks down her snooty nose at Beatrice, she knows where she stands in her eyes.
This is a soft, easy romance where the characters start out by sharing dreams, their own lives details and develop a friendship right off the bat. It’s not far down the road before they both realize they are setting themselves up for failure in their future marriages. How much are you willing to give up for future dreams? How much would you give up for real love? Just what would you do?
Ms. Kneale answers these questions and more in an interesting read with family history and English sunsets and sunrises to keep the pages turning.

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