Thursday, December 28, 2017

Book Review: 'For Keeps' by Rachel Lacey


It all starts with a camp for children with special needs.
TJ Jameson with his autistic nephew in mind sets up a camp especially for children with special needs. He is looking for an animal trainer who could bring a couple a couple of trusted and trained dogs to help the kids, including his nephew Noah. However, things become heated when he meets Merry Atwater, the owner of a volunteer dog rescue service.
I loved the fact For Keeps includes dogs because they played such a big role in this. This story was not only about TJ and Merry. It was about forgiveness and taking chances.
After the first initial connection between TJ and Merry, the relationship between them grew slowly. The spark that flies between them is entertaining enough that the slow growth is not apparent. I think the eventual build-up was needed not only for Merry’s past but for other characters’ as well. Each character was entwined within the plot so well that even the slightest change would have brought a huge change to the climax. Every character had an important part to play.
The story that was woven caught my attention and kept it through out until the end.  Recommended!

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