Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Book Review: 'A Flaw in the Mechanism' by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart


No one can deny the power of love, but that power is about to be stretch to its limits.
Trevor’s character development was phenomenal. As much as I liked him in the last book, I became an even bigger fan of him in this one. He’s changed quite a bit since I first met him, but all of Trevor’s personal growth makes sense given everything he’s been through so far. Some of my favorite scenes involved this character remembering those previous experiences and changing his behavior as a result of what he learned from them. They were incredibly well done.
The places Trevor visited during the course of his adventures were etched vividly into my imagination. One of the things I appreciate the most about this author’s writing style is how much thought he puts into his word selection. Mr. Botzenhart can sketch out what a room looks, sounds, and feels like in a handful of sentences, yet his descriptions are so complete that I can see exactly what he’s talking about when I close my eyes. This is a big part of the reason why I get so excited about checking out new stories from him as soon as they’re ready.
There’s something to be said for conversational dialogue. The other major reason why I enjoy Mr. Botzenhart’s stories so much is that his characters speak in such organic and relatable ways. Science fiction content aside, their conversations sound like something I’d overhear while walking down the street as opposed to something that bubbled up in the author’s mind before he wrote it down.
This is the second tale in the Out of Time series. While it can technically be read out of order or on its own, I strongly recommend picking up Clockwork Heart first. There are certain parts of the character and plot development that will be especially thrilling for readers who are already familiar with this universe.
Everyone needs to read A Flaw in the Mechanism. Simply put, it was perfect!

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