Sunday, December 17, 2017

Book Review: 'Figure of Speech' by Dana Marie Bell


Chloe Williams is a changed fox after an attack four years ago, and the whole time she’s been pining for her mate, who at the time was human. Now, he’s a wolf and he can’t deny his pull to mate with the younger Chloe.
James Woods is a great hero, it’s obvious that he loves Chloe and that he just needs to get out of his own way. As soon as that happens, they really start to build a relationship, and really pull together when outside forces are out to get them. I really think the mystery of who is after these two leads to some great moments of action and suspense.
This is fourth Halle Shifters book, and I definitely recommend reading the others. The author does give a lot of background, but all the characters from past book that stop by were much easier to understand since I’ve read the others.
Chloe and James were fantastic together, and I look forward to seeing them in future books, and definitely want the conclusion of the overall mystery. I enjoyed the way this book ended with a little bit wrapped up but I definitely want to see how the author finishes out the overall story arc. This is a great story and I highly recommend it.

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