Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Book Review: 'Falling For Her Navy SEAL … Again' by Clarissa Yip


Jenesi can’t help herself. When Matthew Hunt makes it as Mr October it fires her up. Learning he’s back in town, however, quickly dampens her spirits. They hadn’t parted on the best of terms and Jenesi wasn’t looking forward to their next meeting. Having been spurned once, she was determined to never let herself be vulnerable to Matt again. After being wounded on a SEAL mission, Matthew comes home for some much needed R and R. But he’s also trying to find answers – ones only Jenesi can give to him.
A sexy, wounded SEAL, a teacher, a raunchy calendar and a Haunted House at Halloween. What more could you possibly want in a story? With some fun secondary characters (I love the camaraderie between Matt and his dad) this is a wonderful book. Steamy chemistry sizzles between Jenesi and Matt from the first page, but I thought there wasn’t anything outrageous enough to make me blush while reading it on the train. Personally I would have liked it if the sexual pace had moved a bit faster. While I enjoyed the tension level cracking and rising between Matt and Jen, the erotica reader in me would have liked a bit more sparks and explosions sexually between them. Having said that, there was nothing lacking in the chemistry department between these two.
I was a little disappointed with how Jen reacted when Matt got his orders, but I felt it was also a logical, understandable response. Trust takes time to build, though I wish she’d taken the plunge earlier, you can’t fault her for trying to protect her heart. Jen and Matt’s need for each other is clear and both have other baggage going on and I felt this was really well written. This book does a good job of juggling two complicated people with a need for each other coming together.
Readers looking for a warm-hearted romance with a bit of spice should enjoy this as much as I have. Jen and Matt find their way together – unable to be apart after longing for each other for years – and the sparks between them are delicious. When they finally come together, I found it explosive and satisfying. I thought the author does a good job of taking some serious topics and adding laughter and a lightness to it (shout out to Momo the dog!) and overall makes this a fun, sexy read. Recommended.

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