Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Book Review: 'The Faberge Entanglement' by Lesley Meryn and Elle Brookes

Fun, quirky and intense, TheFaberge Entanglement is an interesting change from most romantic suspense novels.
I really enjoyed Saber…she’s smart and has some very interesting friends. The book opens in a very light-hearted manner with one of those friends at an…interesting theater show. Though things certainly do intensify over time, thankfully some of that light-heartedness remains. Be warned, though, this does start a little slowly and takes a little time to pick up the pace, but hang in there. It’s worth it!
Steele is pretty amazing and definitely a hottie. I do have to question how quickly things started to get physical (like the bone-melting kiss at their first meet), but in some way I can’t blame Saber for her reaction to the man because he’s yummy!
The storyline was good, though there are a pretty large number of characters to keep track of and the strange, short chapters that move us rapidly from one point-of-view to another made that a little difficult for me.
The strength of this story is in its two main characters. They are three-dimensional, unique and both strong and fun. Even the secondary characters were well drawn, and they are all what really kept me reading. I wonder (hope?) that we see them again. Maybe Saber and Steele should start their own outfit … because I’d definitely read about them again!

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