Saturday, December 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Echo Lake' by Carla Neggers


Romance, secret intrigue, regrets, and redemption fuel emotions on multiple levels in Echo Lake. Carla Negger’s unique writing style sparkles and entices a reader into a memorable interlude with the people of Knights Bridge, Massachusetts during the cold, cold winter.
Heather Sloan is no longer the twelve-year-old girl who challenged the boys to a game of “Risk” and played with a “take-no-prisoners” attitude. Now, she is definitely a grownup, curvy, pretty woman with a “can-do” attitude. She is good at her job with Sloan and Sons. Her professional footing is solid. She’s in charge of a major renovation of an old home that retired diplomat Vic Scarlatti owns.
Her emotional footing hits a slippery place when diplomatic security service agent Brody Hancock, once the town’s bad boy and her secret love, visits his old friend Vic Scarlatti.
The change in both Brody and Heather is subtly and enticingly revealed as they interact, with the reader getting to enjoy the humor, the undercurrent of caring, the misgivings, the undeniable love that has abided so many years and now demands its place in their lives.
Family love and dynamics, the pains and adjustments in retirement, the hurts of bad decisions made long ago, along with community’s meddlesome caring take the reader on a vicarious cold winter experience that is thought-provoking, heart-warming, and sensory rich.
If the reader has read previous Swift River Valley novels, getting to catch up on what is happening in well-remembered characters is an added bonus in Echo Lake. This novel is a super good addition to the other novels that take place in this unique environment.
Carla Neggers, with a great plot and interesting, well-developed characters, delivers excellent reading once again.

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