Sunday, December 31, 2017

Book Review: 'The Duke of Dark Desires' by Miranda Neville


Secret agendas, wicked ways, and lives turned topsy-turvy propel A DUKE OF DARK DESIRES along on a turbulent undercurrent and sweep the reader into the action immediately.
Neither Julian Fortescue, now the reluctant Duke of Denford nor Jane Grey, really Jeanne Louise Adorée de Falleron, are paragons of virtue. Both did and do what’s necessary and expedient to stay alive as they work toward their own goals. When their lives collide, sparks fly, not with hatred, like Jane had planned, but with desire.
Julian’s three half-sisters add a delightful and important layer to the story. Miranda Neville brings these three young personalities to life in ways that enhance the plot and the development of Julian and Jane. The back story of all of their lives is subtle woven into the story, so the reader feels as if she knows the characters personally.
The characters captivate and the plot intrigues. The reader is pulled into a world of lies, secrets, heartache, horrific past deeds, and greed; yet there is humor and, best of all, love that runs like a strong golden thread through all the darkness of the story.
The antagonists emerge from the dark past of both Julian’s and Jane’s lives. They heighten the stakes to a fever pitch. The suspense and anxiety build to heart-pounding levels when protagonists and antagonists all come together at Denford Castle.
Miranda Neville delivers another page-turning historical love story that is memorable. THE DUKE OF DARK DESIRES stands alone, but some of the minor characters have had their own stories in previous books in this series. They will very likely become “want-to-read” books after enjoying this one.

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