Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Book Review: 'Driven by Night' by Aliyah Burke


Tiarnan Malone was sent by Lian Yang to meet Mrs. Chen and retrieve an artifact. What he found was Calida running for her life, holding on to the artifact that Mrs. Chen thrust into her hands. Tiarnan knew that somehow this woman was his mate and he had to keep her safe.
Calida Michaels was being chased by men and she didn’t know why. She ran through the marketplace and ended up stopping when an old woman called to her. After giving her a disc, she told her to run until she met him, the one she should give the disc to.
This is book five in the Astral Guardians series, and this story is about Tiarnan Malone. When he went on this journey he knew that there was something more that Lian had not told him. When he saw Calida, he knew right away that Calida was his soulmate. The fact that she didn’t believe in soulmates was challenging but he knew that he had to convince her of it.
I like the character of Tiarnan, he was a fighter and he had a deep love for Calida. Calida on the other hand loved him but was jealous of his relationship with another. After a while, her whining about it was annoying and for me it took away from the joy of the story. I don’t find nagging, whiny female characters engaging.
The story itself is a good one, and it should be read. As I said this is the fifth book in the series and it can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend that you start with the first book Keeper of the Stars and work your way through the series. That way you have a good idea of who all the characters are, and what their strengths are. Aliyah Burke has written a very good series and it will surely entertain you.

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