Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Book Review: 'The Doctor’s Redemption' by Susan Carlisle


What better popular event to bring two lonely souls together than a historical Mardi Gras parade? When eight year old Allie falls Dr. Mark Clayborn was there in the streets of Mobile to clean and bandage her small injury. This chance meeting is just the start of many other meetings for adults Laura Akins and Mark Clayborn.
This was a story I enjoyed reading. The relationship between Laura and Mark was a pleasure to read and follow along. Mark is a southern gentleman who won my heart. Laura was pretty standoffish but that didn’t stop Mark. With many suggestions from Mark and the help of Allie, Laura finds herself in the presence of Mark quite often. With Mark’s charm you knew she was bound to soften to his advances.
The author didn’t just create a simple love story of boy meets girl but added life events that both Laura and Mark were dealing with. The way they were placed together to compliment each other during a time of healing and growth as individuals was touching. They each knew the right words to say and when and how to say them. Their relationship began to have value and I could appreciate reading this type of relationship growth.
The characters are strong and caring in this book.I admired Laura for being a strong woman to carry on after her husband left her not only without a husband but her pride wouldn’t allow her to ask for help from her wealthy family. She is an independent hard working single mother that finds it on her heart to help other single mothers.
This is truly a book of redemption and one that I would highly recommend to those that enjoy a good romance that leaves you with a happy lifted feeling.

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