Saturday, December 30, 2017

Book Review: 'The Demeter Code' by Russell Brooks


A code exists that could endanger the lives of millions and put the whole nation in a panic…Death is there for whoever knows the code.
The Demeter Code is the third book in this series. This book begins CIA operatives Ridley Fox and Doctor Nita Parris, both have been sent to track down dangerous perpetrators/terrorists. This mission leads them on a chase around the world trying to uncover a web of conspiracy that has been weaved around a code. A code that is related to countless deaths around the country. Any knowledge about the code has them immediately put under a kill list. There was loads of tension and tense moments in this novel. It kept me on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next.
This has a very complex plot. Lots of layers. I had to hold tight and read carefully to really understand what all was happening. Ridley Fox is an operative with some serious skills. Some of them being his undercover skills and his knowledge of various languages. Doctor Nita Parris, compared to Fox who is more a spy/undercover operative/soldier, she has a couple of doctorates and the added ability of being a weapons analyst and field agent. A very talented lot.
Parris and Fox are not only partners but also friends. This mission tests their friendship and puts them in peril and the potential loss of their career when they stretch themselves and their abilities to the absolute limit. It also tests Fox and his mental power to say the least. He has already been hurt once before. I became totally absorbed in the story to see if he would be able to stay professional or would he give in to his emotions.
The Demeter Code surprised me several times.
Espionage, politics, pandemic, action, adventure… all of the elements of an ultimate action thriller. Readers who enjoy a good nail biter with a healthy dose of heat should give this on a try.

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