Friday, December 22, 2017

Book Review: 'The Cowboy Next Door' by Roxanne Snopek


Cowboy to the rescue!
Eric is a man who has always dealt with people needing him to patch up and repair problems. However, while getting to know Leda, he learns a harsh lesson.
Leda came up from the wrong side of the law. With the birth of her daughter she finds a reason to fight and find a better life for them both. When she meets the hot cowboy there is an array of emotions going through her. One of them is apprehension. Should she take a chance on finding her happily-ever-after again?
From the first page I saw the spark between Eric and Leda. The passion and chemistry were sweet and passionate. Eric instantly feels protective towards her and her child. That leads to a several situations where I was able to witness the hurt and pain that both of them have been carrying, though Leda’s is more recent compared to Eric’s.
The only detail that felt off about this short story was that the character details need a little bit more polishing. That being said, the plot is quite simple but effective combined with writing skills of Ms. Snopek.
This is a sweet story with a mouthy mama and an arrogant cowboy. He wants to be her white knight but this damsel is pretty self-sufficient. Readers who enjoy their heroines with some spunk and their cowboys with heart should give this one a try.

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