Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Cowboy Heaven' by Cheryl Brooks


This novel is not at all what I expected. I assumed one thing and I found a fascinating treasure instead. This story has a lot of scenes filled with seduction, sexy shenanigans, and sexual innuendos and teasing but what thrilled me was the depth of character growth and the surprise shock at the end. Cowboy Heaven was a quick but awesome read.
For readers of erotic romances used to their format, the first three chapters should be right up their alley as they provide an immediate hit to the libido. However, do not judge the entire novel based on the first three chapters of sexy intensity. There is a whole lot more coming a reader’s way that blew me away.
I liked the first person point of view from Angie. It’s her story and it’s her life that gets a jump start. What she sees, hears and experiences will forever change her. The story was solidly told from her perspective and what a fun time it was. She’s an older woman whose kids were now in college, and a widow. She’s still young and vibrant but for some reason, had lost that sense of being a sexual being. All it took was an impulsive decision to pick up a hitch hiking Troy and the fun began. I enjoyed getting to know her and watching her explore her sexuality for the first time in her life. What I didn’t expect was to laugh. I giggled, snorted and out right laughed at some of the things she got into. Once she let herself be free to express and explore her fantasies and her curiosity, I never knew what that woman would do, I was treated to some funny, silly yet very hot scenes that I really enjoyed. Even when she was in the middle of a threesome comparison, I was smiling. What I marveled at was the fact she was surrounded by cowboys with hearts of gold, who loved her, respected her and even when some were feeling jealous or slighted, never turned into jerks, morons or creepy stalkers. They were passionate guys who finally got a chance to air their own fantasies – but only one’s dream comes true.
Angela, being a mature adult, didn’t always act like it. In some cases, I understood, in others, she acted more like a hormonal teenager than a responsible ranch owner and mother. On the other hand, if I had a chance to experience no strings attached, unbridled passion and clandestine kinky sex, maybe I’d be a bit goofy too.
It was Joe that was the catalyst for suspicion. He also provided some endearing moments when onstage. Bull reminds me of an old co-worker – a good worker but with quirks that always seemed to rub folks the wrong way – we always got mad at him yet we couldn’t stay mad at him for long because he was quirky funny too; that was Bull in this story. Dusty was cute and it was good getting to know him but Troy cracked me up. Troy and Dusty are the two men who got to know Angela in the biblical sense.
The surprise came from one of the strong characters in the story. I won’t say anything more because I don’t want to ruin the bombshell. I can share that Ms. Brooks wrote in a devious mystery and a bit of darkness into the tale which explained a ton of the baggage everyone seemed to inadvertently carry but I never expected the reasoning or to what extent it went. The revelation can only be effective if a reader is in the dark as thoroughly as I was. I had an inkling about who I should be suspicious about, but the truth blew me away. It’s a very cool twist and it made this story better than good and is worth recommending.
Cowboy Heaven isn’t just hot and sexy, it’s intelligent, witty and well written. I liked the dynamics between Angie and the men she had to choose from, Troy and Dusty. I enjoyed the banter and sense of fun and friendship as well as the dialogue between all the characters. This was a wonderful read that surprised me with its depth of emotion and eventual romance. I am thrilled with the happy ever after and I absolutely recommend Cowboy Heaven to readers who like romances on the hot side. Even better, this book has a solid story to offer that makes the sex even more effective – because it allowed a reader to see Angela’s growth and her love for the man she eventually chooses. I’m very happy I read it.

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