Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Cowboy Delight' by Cheryl Brooks

2_13 cheryl CowboyDelight

Cowboy Delight is wickedly seductive with spicy scenes that kept the pages turning until its final satisfying conclusion. I can’t believe how fast I read this story. I was highly entertained.
This is truly a sexy erotic short story with a wonderful storyline. Sure, I cringed a bit when Lauren decided to act upon her feelings even though she wore another man’s ring. But it was all the hints the author dropped that drew a clear picture for me so I could understand what was really going on and I was able to get past that issue.
The author presented me a heroine who had never loved, or truly been in love. When all these feelings started buzzing in her brain and sensations overwhelmed her senses, Lauren had an epiphany. She was a rare flower that was about to bloom for the first time, like a Chocolate Cosmos – sweet, special and beautiful. The man who coaxed her to spread her emotional wings was Steve, a widower who lost the woman he loved.
What I appreciated about the hero is that he wasn’t a martyr to his late wife. Some books make that the conflict and it’s torment. Ms. Brooks didn’t do that. Instead, this story picks up when Steve is ready to start living again. What I found amusing is that no one in town realized the hero was at that point in his life so they considered him ‘safe’. Wow, were they wrong! It was that assumption that put Lauren in Steve’s crosshairs and I enjoyed how they both discovered the truth about each other.
As is true with most of Ms. Brook’s writing, her sense of humor is cheeky, funny and at times quite clever. However, it’s toned down for this story so it complimented the personalities of the two main characters. I even enjoyed the scenes with the dog. It gave further insight into just how right the two were for each other.
The author wastes no time in getting her characters skin to skin, and even there, she put in a few giggles. It’s what made reading this story so fun. Lauren found out it’s okay to laugh during sex; that it wasn’t all ‘serious business’, and proper procedure. Nor was it all one sided. I enjoyed watching the heroine grow and change and realize who she really was, and what she really wanted. Sex with Steve played a huge role in that which is why I like this story so much. The sex had meaning; it brought joy, fun and a new beginning. It’s powerful stuff, and although it’s scorching hot and very detailed at times, the bottom line is that it’s during their lovemaking that the romance blossoms to something real and worth pursuing. It’s well done.
I also got the biggest chuckle right at the end with the zinger the author revealed. That, was a stroke of pure genius. If I could, I’d give Steve a high five.
Cowboy Delight is pure entertainment and well worth a hearty recommend. I liked Lauren and Steve and I think their happy ever after is going to be wonderful. I’m so happy I read this book. It’s a treat.

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