Monday, December 18, 2017

Book Review: 'Child Of Tempest' by Ciara Lake


Two immortals, two different species from two different walks of life. Will they be able to make a life for themselves?
Xandra is a witch, a healer who works in a hospital to save lives. But one day, the unexpected happens. Throughout the town unexplainable drownings brings Jian AkJvo, an author and journalist, to hospitals asking questions. Their first meeting sparks something between them.
Xandra is a healing witch, while Jian is a Krevellian. The strange drownings opens up a secret that will change not only Xandra but all that is dear to her. Child of Tempest is packed to the brim with information. It took some time for me to take it all in and get my head wrapped around everything. Nonetheless, the plot is simple but with all the history attached, this book is part eye opening and part just really in depth. I did love reading the history and the plot came together to create a complex story.  Also, this erotic book is perfect for any reader who does not like extreme erotic content. The relationship between them is not only passionate but also has a lot of give and take.
The ending was a happy ending and a suspense for me, both of which I loved. Suspense because the overall conclusion of some of the plot apparently comes in the next book in the series. There were some things that was very difficult for me to understand and I think the reason for this is that this is the eighth book in the series. This isn’t necessarily a stand-alone book.
Readers who enjoy romance mixed with their science fiction and mystery should give this series a try. When the conclusion to this story comes, it’s going to be exciting!

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