Sunday, December 17, 2017

Book Review: 'Chameleon' by Ashe Barker


An incident brought two people together from completely different lives, cultures and countries.
Set in Marrakesh, Morocco, Chameleon depicts a story about a woman and how she learns to love her submissive side. Fleur’s first marriage showed her a side of humanity that left her doubting herself and her needs but a meeting with tourist in the Marrakesh desert opens her life and allows her to heal. Fleur’s previous marriage left her body black and blue and her soul just as bruised.
Ethan Savage’s knows the first impression of what you see may not always be what you get. Ethan is a mining engineer and a Dom. He can normally pick out a submissive when he sees one but he never thought he’d see one in Marrakesh.
Ethan and Fleur’s relationship is based on trust. And that I think it’s one of the best thing about this story. Their relationship is sizzling, erotic and a passion that could burn the pages of my e-reader. Chameleon contains heavy BDSM play. Beginning readers to this genre should be aware that Ethan is serious about his role as a Dom. Pain and passion go hand in hand in this book.
That being said I also think that Chameleon is a great Contemporary Romance with BDSM as a major theme but the romance is there as well. The romantic aspect of this book is slow going but totally worth it at the end.

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